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          The main structural components and characteristics of the box opener


          The unpacking machine mainly consists of the upper box mechanism, the main frame, the vacuum suction box, the main drive, the box plate lifting mechanism, the rocker arm conveying mechanism, the unpacking mechanism, the height adjusting mechanism, the short side folding mechanism of the carton, and the long side of the carton are closed. Integral mechanism, push box fork, carton guide rail, compaction ram and hot melt adhesive system, pneumatic control system, electrical control system, etc.

          The unpacking machine automatically unpacks the box, automatically folds the lower cover, and automatically seals the bottom of the carton. The machine adopts PLC+ man-machine interface control, and the bottom does not stop. The bottom and bottom of the carton are completed during the transportation; the packing machine manufacturer completes the suction box and molding at the same time. The whole process of folding the bottom and sealing the bottom; easy to operate, simple maintenance and stable performance, it is an indispensable assembly line equipment for automated scale production.

          The unpacking machine is also called a carton forming machine. The bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure, and sealed with tape and then delivered to the special equipment of the cartoning machine. The automatic carton forming machine and automatic cartoning machine are the assembly line for automatic unpacking of large-volume carton, automatic folding of the lower cover and automatic sealing of the bottom tape. The machines are all controlled by PLC+ display, which is very convenient for operation and is essential for automated scale production. device of.

          Robot packing machine


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