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    Fuel Gas Turbocharging System

    ClickUpdate:2019-01-14 16:10:19
    Product Description
    Applications Fields:
    Natural gas compressors, or known as natural gas turbochargers, to be used for turbocharging of gas turbines in distributed energy sources.
    Turbocharger to be used in compression where urban pipeline network pressure is below 1.5 MPa.
    Turbocharger to be used in recovery and compression of refining tail gas. The highest hydrogen content can be up to 80% after treatment. In order to ensure the minimum entrainment rate of oil in gas, multi-stage oil filter and chemical methods is adopted to treat the oil content. The lowest entrainment rate can reach to 0.03PPM after treatment. The highest discharge pressure can reach to 2.8 MPa when compressed by injection screw compressor. You can consult our sales representative if higher pressure is required.
    Fuel Gas Compressor
    MR Compressor
    Precool LNG Application
    Chloromethane Compressor
    Industry Application
    Application Scope:
    1. Ammonia Flash Gas Compressor
    2. Fuel Injection Chloromethane Compressor
    3. Natural Gas Supercharger
    4. Fuel Gas Supercharger
    5. COG Supercharger
    6. High Hydrogen Gas Pressurization
    7. PSA Tail Gas Turbocharging Unit
    8. Torch Gas Supercharger
    9. Propane and Propylene BOG Compressor
    10. Natural Gas BOG Compressor

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