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    Centrifugal Industrial Refrigeration Unit

    ClickUpdate:2019-01-14 16:09:07
    Product Description
    Centrifugal refrigeration unit:
    Centrifugal compressor can be used as refrigeration compressor in large chemical plant. LMART, with centrifugal compressor manufacturer together, complete centrifugal compressor skid manufacturing, and the whole design work of refrigeration system as well as commissioning.
    Centrifugal compressor:
    Compressor is generally two layers layout, horizontal subdivision with down-in/down-out. And it can also be vertical subdivision with upper-in/upper-out layout if client site is confined. 
    Single axis, multi impeller.
    Shell - welded type. Different material can meet the needs of different temperature ratings.
    Dry gas seal, to guarantee no oil entering the refrigeration system, and to avoid oil accumulated in the system after long period operation and affect the effect of heat exchanger therefrom.
    In order to improve refrigeration efficiency, technically we can achieve gas-refilling working condition one time less than the number of impellers, which can enhance the thermal perfection and efficiency.
    Centrifugal refrigeration system is suitable for all refrigerants except Freon series.
    Industry Application
    Scope of application:
    1. Continuous reforming aromatics combination
    2. Refrigeration Station in Ethane, Ethylene Tank Area
    3. Petrochemical Project PE (LLDPE, HDPE)
    4. PP Refrigeration Unit in Petrochemical Project
    5. Acrylonitrile Refrigeration Unit
    6. Refrigerator in EO/EGTank Area
    7. Refrigerators in Propane (Butane) Dehydrogenation Projects
    8. Refrigerator in MTO Ethylene Loading Unit
    9. Fluorinated Chemical Industry
    10. Chlor-alkali Chemical Industry
    11. Coal Gas Projects
    12. Ammonia Cooler in Ammonia Tank Area
    13. Refrigerators in Polycrystalline Silicon Projects
    14. Refrigerators in Silicone Projects

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