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    What is the general high and low pressure of industrial refrigerators when they

    ClickUpdate:2019-01-14 16:21:09 Source:www.555sms.com
    Air-cooled industrial refrigerators: high pressure, 15-18 KG low pressure 4-5 KG
    Water-cooled industrial refrigerators: high pressure, 14-15 KG low pressure 4-5 KG
    Refrigerator is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses compressor to change the pressure of refrigerant gas to achieve low temperature refrigeration. The compressor used is different from the general air compressor because of its different operating conditions and compression medium. According to the difference of refrigeration structure and working principle, it is similar to air compressor, and can be divided into piston type, screw type, centrifugal type and other different forms. Refrigerator is one of the most important components of compressed refrigeration equipment. Sometimes the low temperature is different, and the difference is very big.