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  • Industry Refrigeration Gas Compression Skid Vessels Heat Exchanger

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    API Design Industrial Units

    ClickUpdate:2019-01-14 16:08:16
    Product Description
    Screw compressor unit:
    Meet the design concept of API-619.
    Compressor shell - cast steel (normal temperature and low temperature; the lowest temperature can reach - 100℃)
    Rotor - forged steel
    Bearing - hydraulic type, no point or line contact, which will greatly prolong the compressor usage life of the compressor and ensure 5 years of continuous operation.
    Shaft seal - can be sealed by dry gas or by pressurized oil
    Flushing scheme - API PLAN 72, or API PLAN 53.
    Oil circuit system - dual line design, can switch oil coolers, oil filters, oil pumps and essential oil filters online. The material can be designed as all stainless steel.
    Control system - customized design, two-out-of-two, two-out-of-three, or CPU redundancy. The system can be composed of PLC, or directly controlled by user’s DCS.
    Industry Application
    Scope of application:
    1. Continuous reforming aromatics combination
    2. Refrigeration Station in Ethane, Ethylene Tank Area
    3. Petrochemical Project PE (LLDPE, HDPE)
    4. PP Refrigeration Unit in Petrochemical Project
    5. Acrylonitrile Refrigeration Unit
    6. Refrigerator in EO/EGTank Area
    7. Refrigerators in Propane (Butane) Dehydrogenation Projects
    8. Refrigerator in MTO Ethylene Loading Unit
    9. Fluorinated Chemical Industry
    10. Chlor-alkali Chemical Industry
    11. Coal Gas Projects
    12. Ammonia Cooler in Ammonia Tank Area
    13. Refrigerators in Polycrystalline Silicon Projects
    14. Refrigerators in Silicone Projects

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